The Benefits of Using Playstation Network Cards

If you are a gamer , and even more if you are using Playstation 3 console then you might be interested in what actually are the benefits for using their currency system known as Playstation network or PSN cards. In this post we will explain to you how you can avoid having to use credit card when buying credits at PSN and a bit later in the post we will mention a good way how to get free psn codes as well. But lets talk about what exactly Playstation Network is and what can you do once you join.

PlayStation Network

Microsoft Xbox and PS3 have similar shops or platforms where you can buy most of the upcoming games , expansion packs , and many other additions for your games such as skins , vehicles and gear for some games. Xbox 360 users have access to the Xbox live which is quite similar to PSN but they use points system known as xbox live microsoft points rather then real life currency that ps3 network uses. There are many benefits for using such platforms when buying games. Most important one is of course that if you buy games online you can buy them much cheaper because it does not involve cover or game disk . Next , you will get access to games that you purchase the same day when its released , as opposed to having to wait for shops to open. One more thing is that you do not have to use credit card and leave personal information like when you use CC. If you buy prepaid cards you will just have to redeem it at your favorite console shop and you are ready for shopping. Since in this post we will talk mostly about Playstation network we will explain more about it now.

PSN Codes

When you join PSN you will have many options and whats most important you can redeem the PSN Cards that you buy at retail shops or even online from reputed shops such as best buy or amazon . These cards come as 10, 20 and 50$ codes , or if you live in Europe its euro or GBP for Great Britain. They cost almost the same as the amount you get , maybe some shops take a small fee . But what you might be the most interested in , when we first mentioned that at the beginning of the post is how you can get psn codes for free and then redeem those for some free psn funds, which come in handy if you want to buy the game immediately.

PSN Card Code Generator

This is the latest version of the giveaway tool called PSN Code Generator

We know that there are quite a few websites or providers that can offer you these cards for free but they usually require you to wait for long time and are hosted on facebook . Due to huge popularity you dont have a huge chance in this type of giveaways. We found an interesting contest that allows you to get these codes each day but also provide you another opportunity later and at the end of each month when they draw the winners that have been most active. They have a software called psn code generator which servers to collect all user shares and likes and transfers them to activity points which are basically the way to tell which member was the most active this month. You can download it at the main website of and there are many posts and user guides posted to help you get going . I think that at this moment this is the most interesting source of free psn points . Here is the video guide from their member that goes through how to use it.

We will try to post here if there are any updates and if we find other good sources as well .

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    Hey guys , can you post another video , this one is bugged somehow

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    I just tried your method and it works really well , thanks

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    I have PS3 and Xbox , and i love both your guides

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