7 Life Lessons That Can Be Learnt By Playing Minecraft

We all know that Minecraft is one of the most fun gaming experiences to be had today –but did you know that it’s full of invaluable life lessons as well? Here are the top 7 lessons that I took away while playing Minecraft.

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Xbox One and Sony PS4 controllers get prices

GAMES CONSOLE MAKERS Microsoft and Sony have revealed pricing for the controllers for their respective upcoming consoles.

Both firms are expected to release their new games consoles around the same time. It should come as a surprise to no one that they will go on sale before Christmas, and thus will be out in time to appear on lists that are produced during the holiday shopping season. Continue reading

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Titanfall Developer Explains Use of Xbox Live Cloud

Probably one of the best games revealed at E3 2013 was Titanfall fromElectronic Arts. The game will reportedly use Microsoft’s cloud compute initiative which will run all the dedicated servers for Windows PC, Xbox 360and Xbox One, and perform all the AI hosting, physics calculations, matchmaking and more. Microsoft’s cloud will also spin up and spin down dedicated servers on a moment’s notice to handle multiplayer matches. Continue reading


Report: PS4 reserves 3.5GB of RAM for the OS

Nearly half of the PlayStation 4′s onboard RAM is reserved for the console’s operating system, according to a report from the hardware sleuths at Digital Foundry. Sony documents supposedly reveal that 3.5 gigs of RAM are dedicated to functions of the PS4‘s streaming-friendly OS, leaving 4.5 gigs for video games to use exclusively.

“Sources close to Sony,” however, indicate that it may be possible for developers to requisition up to one additional gig of space, provided the operating system can spare it at the time. This may also be a luxury most easily used by first-party developers during the early life of the console.

This places the PlayStation 4′s off-limits memory allotment within shouting distance of the Xbox One’s, which is said to be three gigabytes. Both consoles ship with eight gigs in total, though the type of RAM installed in each console does vary: faster GDDR5 in the PS4, andDDR3 in the Xbox One. For comparison, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 each have 512 megsof RAM, because they were hewn from driftwood by cave people in the days before time. Continue reading


Ubisoft unveils $130 Watch Dogs limited edition

Ubisoft announced that it will release a special edition version of its stealth-action gameWatch Dogs bundled with a collection of bonus goodies for aspiring planet hackers.

The package includes a nine-inch statue of starring character Aiden Pearce, along with a replica of Pearce’s vigilante mask. Also included are a soundtrack CD, an 80-page hardcover art book, and a copy of Watch Dogs wrapped in an exclusive SteelBook case. (Large image here.)

The Watch Dogs Limited Edition Pack will be priced at $129.99 when it launches on November 19 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms. It’ll be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on each system’s respective debut date. And though Watch Dogs is also scheduled for a Wii U release, Ubisoft did not announce a Limited Edition Pack for Nintendo’s console.
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Spotify for Windows Phone 8 Sheds Beta Tags in ‘Big’ Update

Spotify for Windows Phone 8

Spotify today cut the beta tags off of its Windows Phone 8 application, launching a “big” update for all users. Continue reading


Siri competitor Sherpa goes after Google Glass

A close up of Sherpa on Google Glass.

(Credit: Sherpa)

Sherpa, a voice control app that promises a better experience than Apple’s Siri, plans to beat Google at its own game on Google Glass. Continue reading

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Sony reveals PS4 design, will cost £349

Sony has unveiled the design of its highly anticipated Playstation 4 (PS4) games console at E3, which will cost a modest £349.

Sony unveiled its latest black box of gaming goodness at its E3 keynote in Los Angeles. Although the PS4 looks a little too much like a less boxy Xbox One, Sony has also taken a page out of Microsoft’s book by designing a host of new non-gaming entertainment features for the console. Continue reading


The Xbox One and live TV — here’s what to expect

Xbox One OneGuide

What’s in a name? A whole lot, if you’re asking yours truly. “All Your Entertainment. Input One.” Such intriguing statements were declared in a document that leaked from Redmond last summer. The slogan “All in one, input one” was on the Microsoft banners decorating the LA Convention Center for E3 this year. But this probably left many wondering: what is “input one,” exactly? Continue reading

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Google Glass is Always Listening

Privacy concerns are a big deal in this always-connected tech age. Beyond the constant litany of reports that social networks are sharing your information with advertisers, in walks Google Glass: a very real device capable of recording the actions of others without consent.

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